Words of advice from our Investees

Watch the cash

“I know it sounds blindingly obvious but you would be surprised at how many startups only look at the... Find Out More

Sales, Sales, Sales

Aislinn Rice
What does selling actually involve? An experienced sales person will typically “own” the monetary target and order delivery however... Find Out More

Tuning into your customers

“If you want to supply something transformational for your customers you need to be able to see their world... Find Out More

An Entrepreneurs Journey

“I’ve worked in the IT industry for a few years now. For most of that time I was part... Find Out More

Nuggets of Wisdom

“Business isn’t about technology and innovation, it’s about people and relationships. The right people, the right roles and the... Find Out More

Thoughts for prospective entrepreneurs

“OK, you know your business and area and the gap in the market, its size and growth potential. Believe... Find Out More