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Since 1995 Crescent Capital has been supporting and building high-grade venture backed companies in Northern Ireland. We back the creative teams, the determined, the passionate and the indefatigable, the independent thinkers.

We thrive on meeting potential investee businesses. We seek out the bold, creative and independent thinkers. We like to meet teams at an early stage to start a conversation that will hopefully develop a mutual understanding and common purpose – the core of our partnerships.

We immerse ourselves in these companies, their product, their customers and their management team. We primarily offer companies funding but crucially we also provide guidance, expertise, experience and exposure to a network of relevant business contacts.

Through partnering with us local companies are transformed into thriving global businesses. This undoubtedly brings challenges to the company. But by having an open and honest relationship from the outset, both Crescent and the investee company will have a unified vision where challenges are foreseen, planned for and overcome together.

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When we commit to investing in a business we are not only committing to developing its commercial potential but also the talents of the people within the business.

We are adept at seeing the often submerged qualities of entrepreneurs and by passing on our knowledge, expertise and guidance we help develop outstanding management teams.

We expose teams to the requirements needed to grow global businesses. We know these entrepreneurial individuals will thrive on meeting the challenges of transforming their businesses and we will empower them to do so.

We couple our enthusiasm for investing in exciting businesses with thorough diligence of the proposition and the business. It is our duty to the potential investee company as well as investors to scrupulously carry this out.

We wish to craft a bespoke deal that will maximise success for the investee business. Initial diligence will take place prior to the preparation of an investment proposal paper to the Crescent Capital III Investment Committee. Once the key terms of a deal is agreed, official diligence can begin. We research the market, customer and brand. We undertake psychometric profiling of the management team dynamics. We review the management structure and future hiring plans.

Additionally we help shape and refine a future-facing plan in the light of dynamically changing processes. All of this is formative, as the diligence process provides on-going insight and helps both parties develop a shared view of the journey ahead post investment.

We work hard to make the process as efficient and helpful as possible, usually completing in 8-12 weeks.