Thoughts for prospective entrepreneurs

Paul Kerr, Managing Director of Fusion Antibodies Ltd

paul-kerr“OK, you know your business and area and the gap in the market, its size and growth potential.

Believe in your idea and believe in the people you will need to make it happen, be rigorous in your selection, ditch those who do not add to the company.

You will have many roles to play finance, fund raising, HR, Joint ventures, working with venture capitalists, managing IP, Marketing, Web design, Business Development, deal making and drawing up term sheets for licensing of intellectual property, H&S, Business planning a forecasting, Tax, VAT, Payroll and Banking. Basically all facets of a company from inception to conception.

If you get the funding, enjoy the ride, it is tough, hard work, miles to travel, but it’s life, one shot, it can be fun so enjoy!”