Survey simpler Using GoReport on your iPad or iPhone to capture data is easier than using a pen, paper,... Find Out More

B9 Developments

Crescent invested in B9 Developments Ltd in 2018. Its trading subsidiary was Natural World Products Limited, the largest recycler... Find Out More

Belfast Power

power plant
Belfast Power is developing a new era of low-carbon electricity generation in Northern Ireland. It will generate clean electricity for... Find Out More

B9 Energy Control

B9 Energy Control Ltd specialises in power generation using landfill gas result from methane gas given off by waste... Find Out More

SpeechStorm Ltd

SpeechStorm specialises in the effective use of speech to facilitate customer interaction systems. SpeechStorm was previously a wholly owned... Find Out More


Refinery Valves
NiSoft was founded in the early 1990s and is a leading provider of Safety Management Documentation Systems used by... Find Out More