Belfast Power

power plant
Belfast Power is developing a new era of low-carbon electricity generation in Northern Ireland. It will generate clean electricity for... Find Out More

SpeechStorm Ltd

SpeechStorm specialises in the effective use of speech to facilitate customer interaction systems. SpeechStorm was previously a wholly owned... Find Out More

Andor Technology

Andor Technology is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing high-end digital cameras for spectroscopy and scientific imaging applications.... Find Out More

Omiino Ltd.

Omiino was backed as a startup by Crescent Capital II LP in a strategic investment aimed at facilitating high-potential... Find Out More


Sound Mixing Desk
Crescent led the management buy out of APT in May 2005 in syndication with Trinity Venture Capital, APT’s management... Find Out More

Lagan Technologies

Crescent led a syndicate of three investors who took a stake in this business in March 2002 as the... Find Out More