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Biznet specializes in developing Supplier Performance Management (SPM) solutions specifically for the global oil and gas industry.

The company developed SaaS-based SPM software, used by clients to add on-going value to their businesses by driving a process of continuous supplier performance improvement based on accurate, real-time data and positive, pro-active management. Current clients include global oil and gas organizations alongside mid-sized and specialist operators such as BP, Chevron, Alyeska Pipeline, Tullow Oil and Repsol.

Biznet’s team of SPM experts works closely with client companies applying over twelve years of specialist sector experience implementing successful SPM programs. Clients can expect to achieve supply chain cost reductions of over 20% while simultaneously reducing resource burden by over 33%, realized within a remarkably short timescale.

The Biznet team works in partnership with clients from initial planning through to implementation and throughout the supply chain lifecycle delivering extraordinary results that add tangible value at every stage.

Biznet dominates this niche market. Alternative technologies are inflexible and cumbersome and at worst, internally generated spreadsheets are widely used but are eternally out of date and often inaccurate.