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Analytics Engines

Analytics Engines enables your organisation to easily and quickly adopt Big Data analytics as a core part of your business and accelerate conversion of your data into valuable business insights.

We believe an enterprise data platform should be a true enterprise solution. Data management, storage and analytics isn’t a one size fits all solution so we don’t treat it like it is.

Analytics Engines XDP is a flexible, modular retargetable data platform that enables data curation, orchestration and analytics. We use the right tools for the right data with a single data view that enables data access. We provide solutions to data analytics problems that make complexity easy and enable industrialisation of analytics processes and pipelines.

Analytics Engines XDP lets organisations follow a repeatable process, starting with a project-level approach that scales to enterprise-needs. After determining a project objective (risk scoring; customer segmentation and marketing; etc.). analytics teams, data asset owners, and IT managers follow an iterative process organized around the data lifecycle, and supported by XDP tools.

We build on existing technology platforms in a number of different markets including retail, banking, security, and biomedical