Fusion Antibodies Strike Green!

Colin Walsh (Crescent Capital CEO) with Rick Buick, Paul Kerr and James Fair from Fusion Antibodies

BELFAST, 5 February 2016: Fusion Antibodies opened the year 2016 with a flourish as a recipient of one of Crescent Capital’s much coveted Green Bar Awards.

The Crescent Capital Green Bar Award is for companies within the Crescent portfolio that deliver profitability for five consecutive quarters (thereby achieving five green bars in its quarterly performance chart!).

This is a difficult challenge and it’s been quite a few years since we have handed one out but Fusion has proved to be up for it and is a worthy recipient.

Fusion’s service business has been going from strength to strength over the past year and the Company has moved firmly into profitability as a result. Under Paul and Rick’s leadership, the business has been doing a great job promoting Fusion’s gene sequencing and antibody humanisation services and the orders have been flooding in.

Congratulations to the newest recipient of Crescent Capital’s Green Bar Award.