IVR Language Barriers Fall as SpeechStorm Partners with GM Voices

Perfect partnership enhances delivery of innovative IVR to international markets as SpeechStorm expands global reach

Belfast, 27th May, 2014 – Leader in mobile and voice customer service, SpeechStorm (www.speechstorm.com), today announces its partnership with GM Voices (www.gmvoices.com), the world’s largest producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies and an expert in the provision of translation and localization services.

SpeechStorm has elected to partner with GM Voices – which already offers professional voice talent in over 100 languages – in order to support the widening global reach of its product portfolio with the very best translation and localization services available. The companies will work together to translate and localize SpeechStorm’s user interface, as well as to develop locally-authentic voice persona recordings in multiple languages to support SpeechStorm’s Personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and mobile solutions.

SpeechStorm already supports companies running voice applications in a number of different languages. With localization, organizations will be able to choose their preferred language for the SpeechStorm Control Centre, which provides an intuitive business user interface for all aspects of application design, deployment, testing and performance monitoring. Localization will also improve the caller experience, with specific handling for local language and dialect differences in numeric entry, currency amounts, payment details, dates and times.

The first localizations to be delivered through the partnership will include Spanish and French. Further languages planned include German and Italian, with others, such as Portuguese, being added either as opportunities arise, or in response to customer demand.

“SpeechStorm has been on our radar for quite some time as a voice self-service mover and shaker,” said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices. “They’re setting a new standard for IVR personalization, and adding GM Voices’ comprehensive voice recording and persona development expertise to the equation is a no-brainer as they expand their international footprint.”

SpeechStorm will also recommend GM Voices as its partner of choice to customers who require recorded prompts for their voice applications to ensure the best possible customer experience for their end users. Such recorded prompts include concatenated prompts, where multiple pre-recorded elements are combined, automatically, to read back dynamic information, such as account numbers, balance amounts, dates and times, providing a more natural sounding customer experience.

SpeechStorm CEO, Oliver Lennon, said, “Language, voice talent and tone are essential parts of the customer experience and getting them right is even more important with personalized solutions. This partnership will add great value for our customers and the timing could not be better as we expand rapidly into new global markets. Using GM Voices’ professional recordings will ensure that our solutions maintain their standard of excellence, no matter where and with what customer or audience we engage. The world really is our oyster through this tie-up!”