SpeechStorm Signs First Major US Customer

US household name is one of three recent ‘big-client’ wins

Belfast, 7th April, 2014 – Leader in mobile and voice customer service, SpeechStorm (www.speechstorm.com), has signed a contract with its first US customer, a nationwide service provider and household name, which has selected SpeechStorm’s Secure Payments solution to capture customer credit card payments securely and efficiently in its contact centres. The value of the deal cannot be disclosed.

SpeechStorm’s ‘Payment Application – Data Security Standard’ (PA-DSS) validated application was identified by the service provider as the most cost effective way for it to comply with strict Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards on the processing of sensitive credit card data, at the same time as providing the best possible customer experience. With the solution in place, customer calls will be handled, as normal, by customer service advisors up to the point where a card payment needs to be taken. The advisor will confirm the amount to be paid for the goods, or service, and then transfer the call to the SpeechStorm system.

SpeechStorm Secure Payments will prompt the customer for the appropriate card details (these vary depending on the card type), which the customer can enter using his or her telephone keypad, process the payment and then return the call to the same advisor. Typically, the customer will spend less than a minute interacting with the automated system and has the reassurance that his or her card details have been entered correctly, cannot be overheard and are not stored or recorded once the transaction is complete.

Oliver Lennon, SpeechStorm CEO, said, “Signing our first North American client was always going to be a milestone for us, but doing so with such an important organisation and one that is part of the fabric of everyday life in the US is, quite frankly, outstanding.

“Not only that, but for our Secure Payments application to be recognised by such a player in a market so financially sophisticated is testimony, not only to our solution’s strict regulatory compliance, but also to its effectiveness in improving customer experience every single time people interact with our system.”

SpeechStorm’s two other recent contract wins are for its Personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, which have been signed with a leading global mobile telecoms brand and one of the world’s top three global express logistics companies.