Hat-Trick of Major Contract Wins for SpeechStorm

Belfast, 7th April, 2014 – Leader in mobile and voice customer service, SpeechStorm (www.speechstorm.com), today announces three major contract wins in the European mobile communications and global logistics sectors, and with a major US service provider for its personalized call-handling, self-service and secure payment customer service solutions. The value of the deals cannot be disclosed.

In the first contract win, SpeechStorm’s Personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution will be used by a leading global mobile telecoms brand to provide improved self-service and call handling to its UK & Ireland customers. SpeechStorm Personalized IVR will enable the mobile operator to provide a tailored caller experience based on information from the customer’s profile, account status and previous interactions. By anticipating the likely context of the customer’s call, the relevant information and options will be offered to each caller, shortening call durations, eliminating caller frustration and providing a more dynamic and engaging experience.

In the second contract win, the company’s Personalized IVR and self-service solutions have been selected for use across the European operations of one of the world’s top three global express logistics providers. In this case, the customer segment – consumer, small business or corporate – will be used to determine the most appropriate call experience, taking into account the number and status of shipments the customer has sent, or is expecting to receive, along with information about account status, weather and other events affecting service.

In the third contract win, SpeechStorm has signed its first North American customer, a nationwide service provider and household name in the US, which will use SpeechStorm Secure Payments to capture credit card payments securely and efficiently in its contact centres. SpeechStorm’s solution was identified by the service provider as the most cost effective way for it to comply with strict Payment Card Industry standards on processing of sensitive credit card data, at the same time as providing the best possible customer experience.

Oliver Lennon, SpeechStorm CEO, said, “We’ve been working hard to secure these very major clients over the past year and with the last of them confirmed, signed and sealed in the past few weeks, we’re now in a position to share some of the details of the solutions. They are evidence of the growing demand we are seeing for both Personalized IVR and Secure Payments solutions as organisations balance improving the customer experience with ensuring regulatory compliance and driving greater cost effectiveness.

“All three of these implementations are well underway and we look forward to seeing the results as the solutions are rolled out. It’s exciting to think that the everyday experience of tens of millions of end customers of these organisations in both Europe and the US will be improved by having a little bit of SpeechStorm in their lives!”