PathXL provide digital microscopy systems for Molecular Pathology Laboratory and Biobank.

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND, 9 January 2013: Crescent Capital’s PathXL is proud to be involved with the Northern Ireland Biobank and the Molecular Pathology Laboratory at Queen’s University in Belfast.

This announcement from the Dept of Health recognises two major achievements that will reinforce Queen’s status as one of the top universities worldwide for Cancer Research, Personalised Medicine and Informatics. You can read the full article at

As well as providing NI Biobank with their data management and Digital Pathology solution, PathXL is working closely with the Northern Ireland Molecular Pathology Laboratory to create a range of digital pathology services targeted at helping Pharmaceutical companies and CROs to expedite the discovery and trialling of new drugs.


Health Minister, Edwin Poots, today praised and congratulated the achievement of Queen’s University, Belfast and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust in launching the Molecular Pathology Laboratory and Biobank.

Mr Poots said: “Together, the combination of Molecular Pathology services and the NI Biobank are driving best practice in cancer care. They are a demonstration of our shared commitment to providing the best possible, research-led services for patients. The remarkable pace of these developments is helping to ensure that we stay at the clinical and scientific forefront.”

PathXL BiobankMolecular Pathology is the use of modern genomic and other laboratory techniques to aid the diagnosis of disease and understand the impact of treatments. These techniques are now being introduced into routine patient care following their development through many years of research.

Co-located with Molecular Pathology is the Northern Ireland Biobank that maintains tissue and fluid samples from patients according to strict ethically-approved standards. The samples are taken when patients undergo routine tests or surgery or participate in clinical research.

The samples are accompanied by clinical and molecular pathology information and are used for subsequent research. The Biobank has sophisticated information management and digital microscopy systems part of which was provided by a local company, PathXL.

The Minister continued saying:

“While these services are delivered in and on behalf of Northern Ireland’s patients and researchers, success on this scale also has a global impact on the diagnosis and treatment of illness. I wish to applaud colleagues both in Queen’s and the Belfast Trust on this important milestone.

“I also recognise the funders of this very successful partnership: Cancer Research-UK and the Friends of the Belfast Cancer Centre, alongside Health & Social Care Research and Development Fund, allocated through the Public Health Agency whose contributions have made this possible.”