“Lagan Government CRM Customers Designated Leaders as PTI’s Citizen-Engaged Community”

Lagan Government CRM Customers, Buffalo 311, Hampton 311 and San Francisco 311, Designated Leaders as PTI’s “Citizen-Engaged Community”

Public Technology Institute (PTI) Recognizes Local Governments Across US for Providing Public Multi-Channel Access to Government Services and Information


Rockville, MD – June 24, 2010 – Lagan, the global leader in government to citizen technology, today announces that Lagan customers, Buffalo 311, Hampton 311 and San Francisco 311 have been designated by Public Technology Institute (PTI) as “Citizen-Engaged Communities.”   A total of nine local governments across the US have been awarded leadership as “Citizen-Engaged Communities” for their efforts to provide the public with multi-channel (web, civic media, Interactive Voice Response, 311/call agents) access to government services and information. 

The three Lagan awarded customers, Buffalo 311, Hampton 311 and San Francisco 311, continue to demonstrate contact center excellence and lead the charge with accountability, consistency and overall customer satisfaction.   “This award is challenging local governments to achieve high standards in citizen participation, seamless service delivery and democratic accountability; which speaks volumes about the dedication and commitment our three winning customers have to their communities,“ said Des Speed, CEO of Lagan.  “All of us at Lagan extend our heart-felt congratulations for this prestigious honor from PTI.”

In Buffalo, Mayor Brown’s 311 Call and Resolution Center handles 13,000 calls per month on average with over 30% of inquires addressed by Self Service.  Live with Lagan CRM since July 2008, Buffalo 311 strives for excellence with the recent addition of a satellite office of the Buffalo Police Department Internal Affairs Division in the 311 suite in City Hall and a direct link from 311 to Buffalo’s newest crime fighting tool, Keeping Neighborhoods On Watch (KNOW) email alert system.  “Mayor Brown’s 311 Call and Resolution Center has been a key initiative that has strengthened communication between city residents and the Administration,” said Oswaldo Mestre Jr., Director of Citizen Services in Buffalo.  “In our effort to decrease response time and avoid unnecessary department transfers, the 311 Call and Resolution Center prides itself on following citizens’ concerns from receipt of information to completion of the corresponding city action, while always maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.”

One of the original 311 contact centers in the country, Hampton 311 continues to pioneer contact center excellence since its initial launch with Lagan in 2006. “Staying true to our track record of innovation, Hampton is always looking for ways to enhance and extend service delivery through Hampton 311,” said Liz Nisley, Hampton 311 Call Center Manager.  “With over a million calls answered, 12,000 emails and self-service requests created, and tens of thousands of non-emergency calls offloaded from 911, we are committed to serve to our citizens and are very pleased to be recognized in PTI’s elite group of ‘Citizen-Engaged Communities.”

Famous for leading-edge innovation, such as the rapid adoption of Twitter and being at the forefront of the Open 311 movement, San Francisco 311 has been a success story since its initial launch in March 2007.  With over 5.5 million calls answered in its first two years of operation, 88% of all departments supported, and Self Service ROI in less than seven months, San Francisco 311 has been named a Citizen-Engaged Community for just some of these reasons.  “As the official site for obtaining information, reporting problems or submitting service requests to the City and County of San Francisco, we are proud that our contact center has been recognized by PTI as a leader in the country,” Andy Maimoni, Deputy Director, San Francisco 311.