Omiino’s VASSP Solutions Reach Silicon Vally-28-Oct-2008

Most of the world’s telecommunications supply companies are based in the San Jose region of California. It was predicted that it would not take long for Omiino’s ”Virtual ASSP” solution was winning its way into the region. Omiino’s CEO, Gary Hamilton, was taking part this week in an Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to the Silicon Valley region of California.

21.7% of Northern Ireland’s exports amounts to around US$2billin, going to North America in 2005/06. Northern Ireland has been leading trade missions to the USA for a number of years. ” Today alongside its continuing world-class indigenous engineering prowess, Northern Ireland is pursuing a vision to become a world class centre of knowledge-led companies and internationally rated university research institutes specialsing in biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, communications and digital media”, says Tersea Madden, Invest NI’s Missions Manager.

Gary Hamilton commented, ”this is a great opportunity for Omiino to coordinate with Northern Ireland’s regional economic development agency in order to maximize the effectiveness of our visit to Silicon Valley”, he continused, ” we can focus on facilitating productive meetings with both new and current business contacts, while Invest NI looks after the local logistics and assists us with market research.”

Omiino have heralded a new era for virtual ASSPs, with the launch of a range of unique products that delivers a highly efficient solutions for specific packet optical network (P-OTN) transport spplications, whether PDH or NG-SDH, Ethernet or OTN, 2MBit to 40GBits or beyond.

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