MailDistiller and Steria Restore GP’s Email to Full Health

The email system of GPs all over Northern Ireland has been given a clean bill of health thanks to Mail Distiller, the hosted anti-spam, anti-virus solution provider and Steria, the global IT solutions provider.
In November 07, Mail Distiller secured a three-year contract with Steria to provide Steria’s customer, the Directorate of Information Systems (DIS), with an email managed service for GPs – one of the biggest managed email solutions in the public sector in the UK.

The problem was that GPs were being inundated with SPAM which was seriously impairing GP practices’ ability to provide both patients and suppliers with a good quality service via the e-channel.
Now with the implementation of Mail Distiller 3, Steria can manage the email addresses of more than 5,000 GP practices throughout Northern Ireland and allow GPs to focus on pure, clean email.

Steria’s decision to choose Mail Distiller was heavily influenced by the fact that, as a hosted solution, set-up of Mail Distiller 3 is rapid and implementation requires little or no lead time. A short trial was enough to convince the team at Steria and DIS that this was a service that not only delivered 99.8% spam- and 100% known virus-free email but also reduced by a huge amount the volume of genuine email being intercepted.

Mail Distiller’s unique methods for intercepting SPAM and other maliciouscontent, and its industry-leading low false-postive rate, were the key reasons that Steria selected the solution. Now email from bona fide patients and suppliers gets through and rubbish is kept out.

“The Mail Distiller solution hit the ground running for us from the second it was implemented”, says Brian McKeown, Director of DIS. “The feedback from GPs is that there has been a sea-change in email performance. Pre-Mail Distiller, email was unreliable and chock-full of time-wasting content. Now, GPs have reclaimed their inboxes.”

Paul Wickens of Steria agrees. “The Mail Distiller solution just works and the fact that it is a true, on-demand, Web 2.0 platform means that we don’t have to worry about expensive upgrades or database management – the Mail Distiller team takes care of that. We looked at the so-called market leaders in hosted email and came to the conclusion we wanted more. Mail Distiller gave us just what we needed.”

Colm McGoldrick, CTO, says, “The continued endorsement of Mail Distiller by strategic partners such as Steria is testament to the quality of the managed service offering from Mail Distiller. Mail Distiller is delighted to be responsible for giving doctors their email box back again.”