APT demonstrate new technology at CES, Las Vegas

APT-x Streaming Pro-Grade Audio Quality over Bluetooth in Las Vegas

Audio Compression Specialist, APT will demonstrate an exciting new technology for streaming high quality audio over Bluetooth this week at CES, Las Vegas.

APT Business Licensing Manager Stephen Wray said, “With apt-X, streaming pro-grade audio quality over Bluetooth is now a reality. Current offerings in the area of Bluetooth stereo headsets have fallen increasingly short of the demanding standards of today’s consumers. At CES this week, we will be demonstrating apt-X within a headset developed by Wearnes Tech Solutions (WTS).

APT’s new partnership with WTS, a global manufacturer of Bluetooth products including headsets, USB adaptors and Bluetooth AV devices means that consumers will no longer have to except sub-standard audio quality when using Bluetooth stereo headsets.” WTS will license APT’s highly acclaimed audio coding technology – apt-X as part of the advanced Bluetooth module solutions it sells to leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, communications and computing equipment.

apt-X is already a highly acclaimed standard within the Pro Audio and Broadcast Industries, audio technology and, with this new development, APT can now offer true hi-fi quality to consumer wireless devices. Wray continued, “APT will also be demonstrating the apt-X algorithm on CSR’s BlueCore 5 Multimedia chip at CES. We will stream audio from iTunes over Bluetooth via apt-X. With apt-X available on both the CSR platform and via the WTS Bluetooth module solution manufacturers have the opportunity to offer professional grade audio quality to their Bluetooth customers. A new age in Bluetooth audio has finally arrived.”