APT announces new licencing deal with Wearnes Tech Solutions

Apt and Wearnes Tech Solutions’ Partnershipis music to consumers’ ears

APT (Audio Processing Technology) Ltd today announced a new licensing deal with Wearnes Tech Solutions (WTS) a global manufacturer of Bluetooth products including headsets, USB adaptors and Bluetooth AV devices. WTS will license APT’s highly acclaimed audio coding technology – apt-X – as part of the advanced Bluetooth module solution it sells to leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, communications and computing equipment.

WTS provides OEMs and ODMs with an affordable and simple method of enabling products with the latest Bluetooth technology. Its modules are integrated into many devices such as portable car-kits, Apple iPod accessories, headsets for mobile phones and MP3 players, and stereo audio transmitters and receivers.

apt-X enables the delivery of stereo audio of the highest quality in applications where bandwidth is limited. Its origins are based in the pro-audio and broadcast sector where it is widely accepted by radio networks, post-production studios and cinemas worldwide as the ultimate in high quality audio coding techniques. apt-X is well suited to wireless delivery as, aside from the high quality, it enables instant delivery of audio. This helps avoid irritating delays and lip-sync issues currently plaguing many wireless devices, especially prevalent in portable video products.

“The current offerings in the area of Bluetooth stereo headsets fall way short of consumer expectations for high quality audio and there have also been issues with delays causing lip-sync issues,” explained Mike Canevaro, Vice President, Business Development, APT. “With their extensive experience in the Bluetooth arena, WTS understands the need for improved audio quality and their superior knowledge of Bluetooth and engineering experience made it an easy choice for APT. By combining APT’s world-class audio codec with WTS’s award winning solutions, consumers will now be able to make the astute choice when it comes to better audio quality from their wireless headsets.”

Kok-Kia Chew, Director of Engineering, WTS revealed; “WTS has always been proud of our wireless solutions for Bluetooth. Our customers are becoming increasingly concerned about levels of audio quality over the Bluetooth link and by working with APT, we now have fully addressed this concern. The apt-X solution provides home theatre quality, low latency audio with a professional broadcast heritage that resonates with our OEM customers. The future for wireless audio is bright.”