Amtec launches Waveform device for preventing blood clots

Amtec Medical has started marketing its new Waveform device, which uses electrical stimulation technology to help prevent the formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during surgery.

The device promotes venous blood-flow during surgery, mimicking the natural process of ambulation which occurs when people are mobile. This increased blood-flow reduces the risk of DVT occurring when the patients are in most danger of developing a clot (Ie. When they are anaesthetized in surgery).

Early versions of the device have been used over the last five years by some innovative orthopaedic surgeons at hospitals including Musgrave Park Hospital, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, Queen’s Hospital and the Royal London Hospital.

Building on feedback from this innovator base, Amtec has re-designed the device and begun the manufacture of a very effective, attractive and robust product. Waveform is now being sold to hospitals throughout the U.K. and Ireland, whilst the export strategy is also being developed.